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Jan 8, 2013 2:00am PST
human rights. now, controversies have erupted in kosovo where the automation has invested millions in building mosques. even moderate muslims are worried at these developments. than a religious dignitaries from the world over are gathered for the dedication ceremony of the international center for into religious and intercultural dialogue. the three founding nations -- saudi arabia, spain, and austria -- were represented by their foreign ministers. among the 600 guests was the united nations secretary- general. the saudi government provided some 15 million euros in funding for the dialogue center for the first three years. >> we are most grateful to his majesty for his farsighted decision to launch this important and timely initiative. austria is greatly honored at the center is established. >> a outside the palace, greens and liberal muslim protesters point out that even as saudi arabia promotes religious dialogue in vienna, and to commit human rights abuses at home. >> it is a shame and a disgrace for austria and spain to have provided the saudis a center like this as a platform
Jan 27, 2013 1:00pm PST
serb from kosovo, she has been in the country for three years, but she does not have a work permit. >> i feel very nervous in public. they ask to see my papers, for example on the bus, when the tickets are checked. the police checked the trains often. when i go shopping in the city, i am very tense. >> her employer also has reason to be nervous. the luxembourger is friends with her, but by employing her as a cleaning lady, she is breaking the law. alexandra says she is hardly alone. >> many people are working illegally, from cleaners in private homes to hotel and restaurant workers here in luxembourg. there -- they are a very large part of our economy and contribute to the wealth of our society here in the city. >> in a rich country like luxembourg, illegal immigrants are a cheap source of labor. paying workers the minimum wage of nearly 1900 euros a month is just too much for many, but an eu law is forcing the country to crack down on iegal wk. the government is offering a grace period until the end of february. illegal workers can come forward together with their employers withou
Jan 13, 2013 2:00pm PST
for reconciliation talks for kosovo. it is a strong signal that is losing its claim. serbia has previously maintained that it will never recognize the 2008 declaration of independence. thousands have taken to the streets of madrid to protect its plans to privatize the health- care system. it includes sending the managements of six other 20 private hospitals to others. the weather department the smoke will continue to shrug the city for the next three days. pollution levels search further off of the charts. there remains hazardous to health. >> an almost invisible city. the capital is cloaked in smog. the streets are practically empty. millions of the residents are having an alert to stay indoors. there are dangers level since friday. it called weather and light winds preventing the pollutants from dispersing. >> are tiny particles in the air. this runs from 0 to 500. air quality is considered good when the index is below 50. reading said between 305 hundred. levels have gone off the chart. readings are above 700. the severe conditions are being blamed on a variety of usual suspects. more traffic poll
Jan 13, 2013 4:00pm PST
for calks kenny smith companies video. serbia has previously maintained it will never recognize kosovo's 2008 decoration of independence. thousands of tone to the streets of madrid against plans to privatize the country's health care system. they are protesting selling six out of 20 private hospitals. beijing's weather department says smog will continue to shroud the sestito for the next three days. pollution levels surged further off the chart. cheer is our report. >> a choking almost invisible city. the chinese capital is cloaked in smog. by beijing standards, these streets are practical empty. many of the 20 million residents are heed ago government alert to stay indoors. air pollution has been at dangerous levels since friday. cold weather and light wins are preventing pollutants from sfursing. the index runs from steer to 500. air quality is considered good when the index is below 50, and it is hazardous when readings heed between 300 and 500. but weekend levels have gone off the charts with beijing now recording readings above 700. the severe conditions are being blamed on a vari
Jan 20, 2013 5:00pm EST
serious violations of the laws of war during the bombing campaign in kosovo and yugoslavia. they brought these charges before un-sponsored international tribunal for the saudia, which uses protocol one as its spears amnesty international decried as a secular to give warning to bombing. human rights complaint the u.s. air force was too concerned with ensuring pilot safety. these are american lawyers complaining about the air force. too worried about the safety of american service members. people talk about global rules here this is also an example of transnational politics. so these violations of the law during the afghan war. also american western human rights watch, amnesty international church americans as war crimes once again, bringing to the criminal court from which the u.s. is not a member and doesn't recognize them on the basis of protocol one rules. when someone says you followed the non-convention, you have to know the traditional rules we see in these movies are refit the new rules of 1977, which privilege terrorists. so what we've just described her transnational, waging what
Jan 31, 2013 8:00am PST
republicans to follow president clinton's lead and say let's go into kosovo to stop the worst ethnic cleansing in european history in world war ii. let's send enough troops in there so they're not short-handed and we didn't lose one troop to combat fatality. and we stopped that ethnic cleansing in kosovo. and i think we have to give him credit for that. >> one thing the anticipation is living up to the hype. this is very heated so far, at least the questions that are coming for him, joanne, right now not only about foreign policy and where we go moving forward as a country, past senate votes, but whether or not he will pick up the mantle of the president's orders and what leon panetta has put in place. when we talk about the full repeal of don't ask/don't tell and about leon panetta saying women can serve in combat and also the issue of sexual assaults going on in the military right now which is front and center with that na documentary the invisible war. he seems up to the task or at least in this testimony to take on the mantle fully. >> and what's interesting i think that is the stuff that'
Jan 15, 2013 10:00pm PST
talking teens. cheryl received an emmy nomination for her 6-part series on the children of kosovo, she was selected by the league of women voters as one of the six women who could be president. ladies and gentlemen, cheryl jennings. >> i wanted to let you know that i got to see the bully movie yesterday with mr. caranza and 800 kids and melinda who was wearing her stop bullying tee shirt, so cute. it was an amazing experience and that video is in my head and the tears are in my heart for everybody that's lost a child. we're going to see a video right now that will set the tone of this panel. it will affect you. i saw it this morning so it would be appreciate in my head. you are going to meet the father who is featured in this video so i ask you to put down your electronic devices, your i pads and c phones please and pay attention to this and just be in the moment. if we can roll that dvd, please. (inaudible) funny, most of the times bossy. she would be over at their house, guys, let's not watch tv, let's go do something because i only have two hours before i have to go home and
Jan 6, 2013 5:30am EST
afghanistan, iraq, kosovo, and lebanon. mr. bartlett served as the peace corps country director in bulgaria and jordan and was a peace corps volunteer in the yemen arab republic. miss barbara strack is the chief of the refugee affairs division at the department of homeland securitiy's citizenship and immigration services. ms. strack's responsibilities include managing the refugee corps and headquarters to support the u.s. refugee admission program by conducting overseas adjudications and the related policy training, quality assurance, anti-fraud, and national-security efforts. miss strack came to dhs with both public and private sector experience, serving in the policy office of the former immigration and naturalization service, as a senate committee counsel, among other positions. miss dawn scalici is the deputy undersecretary for analysis in the office of intelligence and analysis at the department of homeland security. in this capacity, she leads the office's analytic efforts with a special focus on advancing analysis and developing intelligence products to support the dhs leadership and
Jan 7, 2013 10:00pm PST
in kosovo, which was at the edge of the extreme hawkishness. like many in the country, though relatively few in the congress, hagel was changed about the iraq war, he became a cautious critic and ended as an angry opponent. he ended a changed man or at least a changed foreign policy thinker. it was not just the iraq war he began to question by the end. it was the republican party's entire turn towards the unilateral, the very idea that america had the idea to topple the multiple dictators. this is what makes hagel so important, he is one of the few who is changed by iraq. he goes on to write "what the republican foreign policy establishment fears is that with hagel as secretary of defense it will become impossible for obama to minimize the dangers of war with iraq." hagel will be what colin powell was in the '90s, the military man who reminds the colleagues at war, once unleashed can't be easily controlled. once you start with war with iran, hagel warned, you better be prepared to find 100,000 troops because it may take that. it may not be limited war fare, i don't think any nation could go
Jan 12, 2013 4:30pm EST
reported in war zones in afghanistan, kosovo, chest knee ya, and based in panama for four years. going now to ron from ohio on the independent line. good morning, ron. >> caller: good morning, gentlemen. mr. gordon, i'm curious, do you feel that the united states and the west as whole have a misunderstanding of history and sense of history as far as the sunni and shiite conflicts in the region? second part, was there any attempt to point out to the muslim tribes and nations that we did go into bosnia to defend muslims? >> host: mr. gordon? >> guest: well, i think the caller makes a number of interesting appointments. one, you know, there's, i mean, i'm a journalist, not an advocate for the american government, but there is a criticism that the united states by the military operations and in different countries somehow oppress muslims, but if you look the the record in the bosnia conflict in the 1990s, basically, the united states led a nato intervention to protect the muslims against bosnia muslims against serbia aggression, and then in afghanistan, one could argue that the toppling of the
Jan 26, 2013 12:00am PST
troubled journey back from war, casey wilson. served in afghanistan, kosovo and iraq. he has ptsd something many war heroes suffer from. it's powerful and moving address you gave there. you can see the physical effects. you were shaking and you've clearly been through all sorts of trauma, in different ways. before you met tony, what was your life like? >> i was doing a lot of current therapy, you know, psychiatry, psychology, which i started in 2011. 2010, i started doing -- trying to figure out my life, because i went through a second divorce. and so i didn't understand the whole process, why was i feeling this way. so i started to seek treatment at that time. i was going to acupuncture, healing touch, meditation. >> did it help, any of that? >> yes. it was helping to an extent, you know. like i said, i was just 20-plus years in the marine corps. i had severe trauma at a child which i didn't realize was a problem until, you know, i just added more stuff after more stuff in my life. >> tell them what the sim tms were at the time. >> basically, insomnia. i sleep probably four or five hours a
Jan 28, 2013 1:00am PST
times. kosovo. i worked closely with women. i commanded women in very key roles on key operations, successful operations. all the evidence leads me to believe quite comfortably that the decision the pentagon made is a very goodwin. and i would just like to start of pick up on elaine's point on the role of the eup tpapbltry. she's right in saying aspects of the infantry is indeed to hunt and kill the enemy. but i would also say the 21st century warfare has changed. in recent experience in iraq and afghanistan has been about counter insurgency. it's about winning hearts and phaoepbdz. a big role now is liaisoning with the locals. they don't just comprise of men. they comprise of women, of little girls. and i think the dynamic that a woman brings, liaising with the population is key and vital. >> what about women who say they are perfectly qualified to serve alongside men on the front lines? >> 30 years of studies and reports that have been done indicate when physical capabilities matter, and they do, in the direct combat units that we're talking about now, women do not have an equal
Jan 31, 2013 3:00pm PST
and women into kosovo. he's one of only two republicans to do that. the man wears his heart on his sleeve for his country. they try to dishonor him. but he, you know, listen, he's been through a lot worse in his life than given a hard time. >> john, the thing that amazed me about the exchanges today is they were attacking hagel as if there were weapons of mass destruction there and he was wrong about his conclusions on the war. i could see if they said he was wrong and he was proven to be wrong. he was proven to be right. how do you attack someone that got it right and you got it wrong? >> well, when you're in the hearing, the way i was today, they have this personal issue with chuck hagel. the truth is that chuck hagel was a republican. that's why our members love chuck hagel. it's why 6,000 of them sent 13,000 e-mails to the senate yesterday. he and john mccain had a very close relationship. in 2008, you know, obviously, chuck hagel had taken stances. senator hagel did not support during his presidency. guess what, john kerry breezed through. he had many of the similar veets. >> but he
Jan 13, 2013 11:00pm EST
reporting on the war zones afghanistan, kosovo, chechnya and a panel was based in moscow for four years during putin's ascent to power. we will go now to rahm from steubenville ohio on the independent line. good morning. >> caller: good morning, gentlemen i'm just curious, do you feel that the united states and the west as a whole has a misunderstanding of history and a sense of history as far as people conflict and the tribal conflict in that region? second, is there any attempt to point out to the muslim tribes and nations that we did go into bosnia to defend muslims? >> host: mr. gordon? >> caller: the caller makes a number of interesting points. one, you know there is -- i mean i'm a journalist. i'm not an advocate for the american government. but there is a criticism that the united states by these military operations and these different countries somehow press muslims. but if you look at the record in the bosnian conflict in the 90's, basically the united states led a nato intervention to protect the muslims against serbian aggression which came to the floor. then in afghanistan o
Jan 7, 2013 12:00pm PST
in iraq and kosovo, deployed three times, are you on this side or that side and i also answer the same thing, i'm on the side for peace. i've been in war. my brother. it goes on and on and on and defines your life and you can't extract it. chuck hagel's never been able to extract the vietnam experience and not just about war in the future and saying we'll talk to people before we fight them. it's what he did for the troops and then came home. he led the fight and a reason we call it a hagel or the webb-hagel gi bill. our kids come home and go to school for free at state schools. >> tony, dianne feinstein, democratic senator, just came out in support of chuck hagel. >> right. >> but there are a bunch of democratic pro-israel leaders like chuck schumer, bob casey, frank lautenberg, carl levin who have yet to weigh in and might have some concerns and bob menendez, the proor the anti-iran hawk. talk about their concerns right now. >> i have looked hard at the statements on the internet and the blogs and what he's said. chuck hagel said my first obligation is to the united states. i took an
Jan 20, 2013 4:00pm PST
without losing a single soldier, the war in kosovo which was a major war. >> i set him up for that. >> he had a very impressive second term but he had a huge personal problem that the republicans made a political problem. but i would actually counsel any president, especially this one, humility. you know, when a new hope is invested, there's someone standing there saying all glory in this world is fleeting. you have no idea the challenges that will come your way. eisenhower was a great military mastermind. he had no idea he would have to deploy u.s. troops to little rock, arkansas, to enforce a desegregation order and enforce the constitution here at home. you never know the crises that will come to you. >> john, i think in the case of george bush you have to separate the international from the domestic because the international was so, so difficult. but on the domestic it was at the center wasn't there to be held or to be created or picked up. immigration reform, george bush put everything he had into immigration reform. this is the man who just after this november election talked about
Jan 21, 2013 8:00pm EST
count coasts of the zero and -- kosovo and bosnia, at least 40 times. i just go win and stay three or four days, get in your helos and humvees. the mic went off, they must not have liked what i said. there you go. before i was so rudely silenced , it truly has banned one of my great honors and privileges to see so many of you in the last 20 years, to see you perform in harm's way. i have the opportunity to get in and out of iraq and afghanistan 22 times. and an equal number of times, the balkans before that. it is absolutely incredible. -- >> we wanted to take you live over to the washington d.c. convention center for president obama. >> you look outstanding, but your dates look better. i just want to point this out. i will not give a long speech, but i really want to come down and express at the extraordinary gratitude as commander-in-chief, and more importantly, the thanks for all the american people. i want to start by thanking the outstanding leaders that are here. our hosts, our advisers for all five branches of the military. [applause] the chairmen of the joint chiefs of staf
Jan 8, 2013 6:00am EST
. bartlett held the state department's positions for refugees from afghanistan, iraq, kosovo and lebanon. mr. bartlett served as the peace corps' country director in bulgaria and jordan and was a peace corps volunteer in the yemen arab republic. ms. barbara strack is the chief of the refugee affairs acquisition of the department of homeland security's citizenship and immigration services. ms. strack's responsibilities include managing the refugee corps and headquarters staff to support the u.s. refugee admission program by conducting overseas adjudications and through related policy training, quality assurance, antifraud and national security efforts. .. and state, local, tribal and private sector partners. prior to joining dhs, ms. scalici served as the director for production and strategic program at the cia's office of iraq analysis. where she oversaw current and strategic analysis in iraq and led efforts to advance planning, analytic trade craft, and community collaboration. she earlier served as deputy director for mission management of the national counterterrorism center helping overs
Jan 29, 2013 5:00pm EST
in kosovo and to impose sanctions on burma tied to human rights abuses. senator kerry has been a leader in promoting economic development and recovery in haiti, fighting global hiv-aids, supporting democracy and human dignity, and the advancement of human empowerment throughout the world. in his early days in the senate, senator kerry and i -- in fact, we were elected together in 1984, we came to the senate together, but right after that, shortly after that, senator kerry and i went on a fact-finding mission to nicaragua and unearthed information regarding the activities of the contra guerrillas which he presented to the committee on foreign relations. based in part on his ground-breaking findings, the committee launched an investigation into the funding of the contra guerrillas that ultimately uncovered the reagan administration's iran-contra scandal, a scheme to divert profits from illegal arm sales to iran to support the contra guerrillas. madam president, senator kerry and i said -- senator kerry and i, as i said, were both members of the class of 1984 here in the senate. we worked
Jan 9, 2013 9:00am EST
reconstruction efforts, peacekeeping and peace enforcement efforts, bosnia, kosovo, somalia, iraq, afghanistan, mostly smaller un ones in other places. and while most of them were deployed in the first place. and why they produce more democratization and freedom house wars to rank them. did they produce more, better government and use world bank indices the government effectiveness index enrage every government in the world, did the economy expand and imf figures, and a lot of the citizens, use the un development index which looks at both levels of income but also education and health and other criteria. in democratization afghanistan didn't pass the peace test and 16 of 20 cases did. that was definitely a failure. in democratization was in the middle in terms of how much was democratized and improved, freedom house score by 15%. in government effectiveness, interestingly and counter distinction to everything we hear about it ranks second of the twenty countries, it had the second-highest improvement. it improved was the second-highest. per-capita gdp again was second highest, per-capita gdp i
Jan 10, 2013 1:00am EST
enforcement. bosnia, kosovo, somalia, haiti, iraq, afghanistan and, and smaller u.n. once in a dozen or so other places. we evaluated them on a number of criteria. did it produce peace, which is why most of them were deployed? also, did they produce more democratization? we used freedom house scores to rank them. did they produce better government? we used world bank indexes. every year, the rate every government in the world. did the economy expand? again, world bank and imf figures. and did the lot of the citizens improve? we used the undp human development index, which looks at levels of income, but also education, health, and other criteria. in democratization -- afghanistan did not pass the peace test. 16 of the 20 cases did. that is a failure. in democratization, it was about in the middle. it improved its freedom house score by 15%. in government effectiveness, he interestingly, and in distinction to everything we heard, it ranks second of the 20 countries. it had the second-highest improvement. it is not the second highest in the end, but its rate of improvement is the second highe
Jan 22, 2013 9:00am PST
are cinderella, are you kidding me? dan, tell us what it was like. your life is incredible. you served in kosovo, iraq, twice. you have given and served this country. what did this mean just to get a break and to be treated well? >> oh, it's -- it's a dream. it's a chance of a lifetime. i came from a spot in my life where i never seen so much support at all for the military and realized when my wife, she's the led or of the familiy readiness unit, she stayed behind to lead families there. the support, overwhelming support of my wife, my beautiful wife and families and community that just, yellow ribbon cities and all of the people that care, the whole minnesota, it's really real. people are great and amazing. we blessed them all. we've been so blessed ourselves. absolutely amazing. >> you guys are such a nice couple. so glad you had a great weekend. a great time to be here in washington. and, yeah, carrie you are special, to take care of seven kids. >> she's amazing. >> dan, carrie, good to meet you both. >> congratulations. >> either soldier was able to come to the ball as well. donations came
Search Results 0 to 49 of about 63 (some duplicates have been removed)